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SRF shop drawing
Part of every job is a complete submittal package for review.
Transparent panels are triple laminate, heat treated tempered (per ASTM C1048) with surface compression of 10,000 PSI or 9,700 PSI edge compression. Specified thickness of glass lites are bonded together with a polyvinyl butyral (pvb) interlayer under 250 PSI and 300 degree fahrenheit in an autoclave. (10mm clear tempered - 0.060 clear pvb - 10mm clear tempered - 0.060 clear pvb - 10mm clear tempered.)

Options: white pvb, 81% transmissive white, art interlayer - sandblasted external surface - tempered lites

Glazing for Floors and Stairs:
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Floor Panels:
Panel surfacing material including marble, wood or carpet, shall be specified in design documents.

Maximum allowable stress annealed glass 10 MPa (1450 psi). The maximum allowable load is 16919 pa (350 psf).
Concentrated load of 1500 lbs. (maximum top surface deflection of 0.010 inches); Rolling load with 6" diameter wheel x 1 1/2" wide / 1000 lbs. / 10 passes (surface deformation less than 0.040 inches). Withstanding an impact of 150 lbs. dropped 36" onto 1 square foot indentor.

Design Requirements:
Modular display flooring system, where indicated on shop drawings, shall consist of specialized composite panels of various materials supported continuously on all four edges by extruded aluminum members which are designed to hold onto adjustable height pedestal assemblies forming a modular rigid grid.
Panels easily removed with supplied lifting device, and interchangeable except those with specialized cuts.
Quantities, finished floor heights (FFH) and location of panel finishes shall be specified on drawings.

Submittals for Review:
Detail sheets, for each proposed panel type, which provide the necessary information to describe the product and its performance in relation to the general specifications. Test reports, by a certified independent testing laboratory, attesting that the component parts perform as specified.

Features and Performance Requirements of Supports:
Glass - 104lbs./ft2; Pedestals - Axial Load 5000 lb without permanent deflection. Overturning moment 1000 lb.
Component shall be corrosion resistant, all welded steel construction with adjustment range of +/- 1" for finished floor heights of 4 inches or more. Specially designed hot rolled flat pedestal heads use locking adjustment nuts. Steel base plates maintain 16 sq. inches of contact with concrete and use 7/8" galvanized steel tube to securely engage pedestal head.

Axial Load - pedestal assembly shall provide 5000 lb axial load without permanent deflection. Overturning moment = 1000 lb. Mitered design forms continuous nesting grid for panel inserts. Stringers are mill finished 161 aluminum, individually screwed to pedestal head using two fasteners per foot, and designed to receive rubber gasket material on both vertical and horizontal planes.

Flooring system components will be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations by manufacturer’s forces or by accredited crew under the direction of a SRF field supervisor. Finished floor heights installed within tolerances of 1/8" in 10 feet. Panels will be removable and interchangeable with the supplied lifting device.

CISCA (Ceiling & Interior Systems Construction Association) - Recommended Test Procedures for Access Floors is used as a guideline when presenting load performance product information.

Glass Flooring System manufactured by: Specialty Raised Flooring and Marble, LLC. • 207A Old Turnpike, Pleasantville, New Jersey 08232. Alternative products must meet or exceed the feature and performance requirements provided herein, and must receive prior written approval by the architect or designer.

1 Year on Glass - 1 Year on Support Structure