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We specialize in raised access flooring.
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Computer rooms and Data Centers can now benefit from visible under-floor security. Read our White Paper on Under-floor Monitoring for High Security Data Centers.
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Integrated graphics.
When considering a glass panel raised floor system, there are several things a data center designer must consider.
  • First is track record and reputation of the panel and specialized grid system manufacturer. It is recommended that you speak with representatives of the company to ask questions about costs, lead times, warranties, replacement availability, etc.
  • Second is compatibility with standard pedestal raised floor systems, where you may be thinking of combining traditional steel or concrete core panels with glass panels. The two systems are different and you will want to be assured that the glass floor panel system is seamlessly integrated with the standard system.
Integrating structural glass panels into a Tate® Access Floor system is easy with Specialty Raised Flooring. We have developed an extruded aluminum top-fastened 24" frame accepting a 1.25" triple laminated, tempered glass floor panel for all non-perforated areas. This glass panel raised floor system is offered in three configurations, Clear, Sandblast, and White opaque, depending upon the purpose. Our clear panel is triple laminated tempered glass designed for direct observational monitoring of under-floor conditions. These panels are tested to withstand a direct impact load of 150 lb. from a height of 36 inches, and a rolling load of 1000 lb. Stronger panels are available by combining ballistic grade polycarbonate as part of the lamination process.

Glass access floor panels provide unobstructed monitoring of all under-floor systems. They also provide unlimited permanent markings and graphics capabilities, including grid coordinates, egress path identification, special identifiers and information as required for systems navigation within the data center. This is achieved through a high-resolution interlayer allowing virtually any prescribed graphic nomenclature to be permanently encapsulated within the panel, unaffected by foot traffic or other wear and tear.

With the extruded grid tee extending flush with the panel surface, all under-floor grounding is transferred directly to the floor surface every 24 inches in each direction.