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Glass floors add a dramatic impact to any space. We design and install glass flooring and walkways, providing display space when wall space for shelving is limited. Our engineered glass flooring systems are popular in night clubs for dance floors. Used in data centers, they provide added security.
We have installed glass floor systems in data centers, restaurants, hotels, museums, theme parks and private residences. If you have a special application for floors, or need transparent glass floors, translucent glass floors, or access flooring - Specialty Raised Flooring is ready to exceed your expectations.

Custom and standard (load bearing) accessible raised glass flooring systems can be used for many varied applications.

Trust Specialty Raised Flooring to handle all your glass needs. For over 15 years we have served design professionals and architects in designing custom laminated glass, and intricate architectural projects. We have a variety of decorative, textured and specialty glass; hurricane resistant and bullet resistant glass; and can fabricate oversized glass, and custom shaped glass.

We engineer all of our glass flooring and glass tread products specifically for each project's specifications. This allows us to provide our customers with the safest possible glass for their project. We are committed to excellence, and thus we only use methods that ensure the safest and most beautiful glass flooring and glass tread products. You can expect the best quality and workmanship when working with Specialty Raised Flooring and Marble, LLC.

As a leading manufacturer of architectural decorative glass, one of Specialty Raised Flooring's many specialties is Traction Control Glass Flooring. Self-texturing enamel is permanently fused to the glass surface, resulting in a superior slip coefficient available in various levels of translucency, traction control and thicknesses to satisfy code requirements. Standard or custom patterns available. Through our strategic partnership with liquidoranges STUDIO, LLC, we offer unlimited decorative art glass for every building application.

We manufactures a glass block installation system that uses an aluminum frame to eliminate the use of mortar. The Specialty Raised Flooring grid system makes beautiful windows, showers, walls, floors and skylights easier than ever to install.